I’m a grateful girl!

I never intended to start a jewelry company, it just kind of happened. I was in a funky place in my life and a friend suggested that I write a gratitude list each morning--a list of 10 things that I was grateful for. The catch? I couldn't write the same thing twice. Ohhhh, the attitude quest just got a little tougher. I did pretty good on writing the list for the first week and then I started forgetting. I was going to tie a string around my wrist as a reminder, but I'm a little "too hip" for a white cotton string. I also thought about one of those little rubber bracelets that people wear for a "cause," but those don't stay on my small wrist. Out of choices, I decided to design something myself. I love pearls, so that was an easy bead choice and sterling seemed to be a natural. 

Every morning as I got ready for the day, I would put the dainty pearl and sterling bracelet on my wrist and begin my gratitude list. Each time I glanced at the bracelet, I was reminded to add to my list. The gratitude list challenge worked. In fact, it worked so well that friends started asking for bracelets of their own; then their friends started asking for them. Before I knew it, a business was born. 

Today I live a life of gratitude. I am grateful for the small things....like clean socks, big things like God and everything in between. In counting my blessings, I have literally changed my brain. Today, I automatically think  in a positive way. I think power thoughts with have an "I can" attitude and I am genuinely happier. My secret is simples---I'm grateful. 

Gigi B Jewelry can be found in boutiques from Marathon Key, Florida to Ontario, Canada. She also works art festivals all over the United States and is a permanent merchant in The Royal Standard Retailer in Gulf Shores, Alabama. 


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