Grateful Pearl Bracelets--Cream/Gold Set of 3


Gratitude Bracelet--set of 3:
This set of 3 bracelets includes: two Swarovski crystal pearl bracelets with 14k gold filled crescent tubes and ball beads, and one 14k gold filled bead bracelet with crescent tubes.

Wear this beautiful trio all by itself or stack it with some gold bangles. Each gift card reads: "No matter what...there is always something to be grateful for. Wear this gratitude Bracelet as a reminder that you have been blessed with one more day. Let each pearl stand for something that you are grateful for: a friend, the sunrise, a pet to love or the shoes on your feet. Just for today... Be grateful."

Wrist size:
X-Small: 5.5" wrist
Small: 6" wrist
Medium: 6.5" wrist
Large: 7" wrist
X-Large: 7.5" wrist

Measure your wrist in inches and select sizing menu so the bracelet will fit you perfectly. Just wrap a string around your wrist, then lay that measurement against a ruler to get the length in inches. Select the correct size when ordering.

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I love all of them. Good quality, great yourself & gifts

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